In September 2021 Ironbuilt Infrastructure was awarded the contract to complete a car park at the Summerhill Waste Management Centre, NSW for City of Newcastle & the Aqua Energy Group.

Summerhill Waste Management Centre is a solid waste landfill managed by City of Newcastle. The site is licensed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to receive a wide variety of ‘General Solid Waste (Putrescible and Non-putrescible) and Special Waste’.

Along with completing a new Leachate Pond, we’ve been tasked by the Council to perform several other tasks within the facility. From general maintenance to utility & drainage works – our list of responsibilities seem to be growing by the day. The project is at this stage ongoing and we look forward to providing updates along the way via our LinkedIn page.  

Ironbuilt Infrastructure were tasked with completing the following:

– Bulk Earthworks

– Detailed Earthworks

– Project Management

– Procurement of all materials